Operation Pollination

Our newest community service project  will be Operation Pollination. The Chain of Lakes Rotary Club is working to partner with influencers within the community to restore pollinator habitat and preservation. We plan to implement this project during the National Pollinator Week of 2021. To learn more about the National Heritage Area Operation Pollination Project click here to view an article from the National Park Service. If you would like to sign our Pollinator Pledge form, please email info@chainoflakesrotary.com or call 763-568-2312.

Peltier Island Tree Planting

The Chain of Lakes Rotary Club once again made the trip to Peltier Island to plant trees September 14, 2019. The island is the second-largest blue heron rookery in North America and is the symbol of Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

All of the 1,000 ash trees on the island will die, which threatens the rookery. Typically, blue herons create their nests high above the ground (often 50 feet up) to protect against natural predators, such as raccoons. The Chain of Lakes Rotary Club coordinated with the city of Lino Lakes to plant five large American linden (basswood) trees.

This year’s 3rd annual Peltier Island Tree Planting is tentatively set for Saturday, September 12, 2020. If you would like more information about the tree planting or would like to make a donation please contact us at info@chainoflakesrotary.com

Habitat for Humanity Homes

The Chain of Lakes Rotary Club team up with
Habitat for Humanity to build new homes and change lives.
Funds to complete the project were raised by Club members and generous citizens like yourself.
Combining the goals and resources of your community with the wide reach of Rotary International helps us pool resources, and share them where they can do the most impact. The coordination of the projects brings more assistance to those in need, maximizing the impact of limited and specialized resources.